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Take One Take Two Take Superman Out

Lucid Intent
Friday, June 21 2013

        Morning of June 21, 2013. Friday.         Here are a couple dreams of the same date with a few different scenes.         There is a flood again, but the water comes mostly from large tidal waves that somehow move more inland. Some people are looking for survivors as there is still a danger from more flooding.        There is a strange scene of riding the fast, powerful waves just to get to another area, per

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Getting Shot

Monday, October 1 1984

        Morning of October 1, 1984. Monday.        I am walking north in La Crosse, on Third Street, in late morning. I am with a composite character who is at least half my sister Marilyn (but a version much closer to my age), I think, and about my height (in reality my sister is much shorter than I). A male approaches us from the north and shoots at us. I actually feel the bullet moving through my head quite specifically, creating a very unique sensation


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