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Heat and Smoke

Saturday, December 19 2015

        Morning of December 19, 2015. Saturday.         In my very vivid dream, my family and I are back living on Barolin Street (the large house no longer there in reality, having been moved). It seems to be late at night and I am on our front porch with a young version of my brother Earl (deceased) and his last wife Cindy. I am nearest the front entrance, Cindy being to my right, and Earl being to her right. We are all seated on small kitchen chairs. M

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Snippets of Cassette Tapes in a Park

Monday, February 9 2015

        Morning of February 9, 2015. Monday.        This was a shorter dream without much plot or even a back story. It mostly involved (at first) only foreground-renderings in terms of perspective although I am in a park at one point and I am eventually aware of more around me for a time. However, much time is spent looking at things only a few feet away.        I am listening to various old cassette tapes I supposedly recorded music o


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