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Painting a Chest of Drawers

Saturday, January 7 2017

        Morning of January 7, 2017. Saturday.        I am at our present address. I have some sort of large board with small holders that have paintbrushes, crayons, pencils, and other items I cannot determine (possibly screwdrivers or other small tools).        I end up painting a plain wooden chest of drawers. It is a pale tan color and with four drawers, I think. My dream continues for a fair length of time. At first, I do not think

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Not Quite Levitation

Sunday, November 9 1975

        Morning of November 9, 1975. Sunday.         This was a rather long but meandering dream. Some classmates visit my room in Cubitis. This includes Steve J and Steve W. It seems to be late morning. Most of the time is spent by them trying to levitate while lying on their back. Mostly, I watch Steve J "levitate" by lying on his back on a dresser in the east part of the room to the right of the doorway (though in real life the top would


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