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New Technology in an Unusual “Movie Theater”

Saturday, June 11 2016

        Morning of June 11, 2016. Saturday.        In my dream, I am in what seems to be a cafeteria (likely from minor or inconsequential hunger during sleep though I do not see any food in my dream). It is a small dining area that does not really remind me of any place I had ever been in real life. Strangely enough, the wall on one side is displaying a movie on a large screen. I am on a picnic bench closest to this wall. Other tables at the back of this

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Tiger Canes

Lucid Intent
Thursday, December 24 1964

        Morning of December 24, 1964. Thursday.        I am in semifamiliar stores looking at candy canes for the approaching Christmas but they are not red and white. Instead, they are orange and black and look a bit (in my distorted focus) like miniature tiger tails. Even the "hook" or bend gives more of a tiger tail look.        Already in this very early childhood dream I am seeing clear and obvious patterns of dream state


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