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Gem Factory

Sunday, March 20 2016

        Morning of March 20, 2016. Sunday.         I am working in some sort of mostly unfamiliar factory setting that produces and polishes diamonds and gemstones in general. I am in cleaning and maintenance at one point, it seems.        There is a part where I am on the floor. I have to actually lick the small metal parts of a machine to clean it. The sensations of touch and motion are "realistic". It is some sort of tool

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Missing Money and Coloring Contest Series

Thursday, August 27 2015

        Morning of August 27, 2015. Thursday.        In my first dream, there is a scene related to money that went missing from my account, apparently through one particular ATM (in the shopping mall). In fact, there is no money left in my account (except perhaps a few dollars or cents), it seems. Somehow though, I begin to think I know who had done it. It is an older secretary (probably over fifty) from a local government office. In fact, I see her in th


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