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Creating Eggs out of Air

Tuesday, October 27 2015

        Morning of October 27, 2015. Tuesday.        This dream has such an amplified sense of touch and general physical awareness, I am certain I am wide awake. I do question whether or not I am dreaming, but something in my awareness is lacking, as the idea of creating large chicken eggs out of nowhere does not seem a ridiculous or impossible idea, thus I am fascinated by my "new realization" and "ability".      

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Spinning Statues

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Friday, June 27 2014

        Morning of June 27, 2014. Friday.        This was a long unusual dream, but mostly involving the same type of event. There are several points at which I wave my hands around and am materializing small statues out of thin air. Most of the statues are about a foot high at most, but many are shorter.        The statues are all related to some sort of Hindi-related group and being made at random regarding whatever the in-dream energ


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