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The Hummingbird Power

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Tuesday, January 2 2007

       Morning of January 2, 2007. Tuesday.         My family and I are living in our present home on Barolin Street and the whole nature of my dream is extraordinarily vivid with regard to all my senses. There are differences from real life as there often is, such as two couches (perpendicular to each other) being in the north and west areas of our living room. I am aware of my wife and children being in the room.         A humming

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The New Life

Wednesday, August 17 1977

        Morning of August 17, 1977. Wednesday.         There were many earlier dreams of "new life" coming into existence out of nowhere, often after a heavy rain (based on my real-life experiences with an unusual very fragile "worm", which moved more like a concertina although it may not have been breathing to create the movement - possibly some other form of movement, possibly incidental to the water motion or even wind). This th


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