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Celebration Preparation

Tuesday, December 29 2015

        Morning of December 29, 2015. Tuesday.        For some reason (perhaps having supposedly heard a noise outside), I look out our bedroom window into the street during what seems to be around afternoon - though the time seems to shift to late at night and back a couple times.        The first thing I notice is what I first think to be a dead animal in the middle of the street, perhaps a cat. I notice a few squarish patches of bloo

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Winter Thaw

Sunday, November 29 2015

        Morning of November 29, 2015. Sunday.        Once again, my dream is in a completely new setting, or at least a composite I have not dreamt of at any time previously. Interestingly, it is a combination of the front lower floor of the King Street boarding house and a previous house we lived on Stadcor Street in Brisbane. It also seems to have an unlikely concrete drainage feature near the front of the house, back from the right corner, where the mou


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