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Not Quite a Meeting

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, May 27 2015

        Morning of May 27, 2015. Wednesday.        My dream becomes a very formal scenario in mood and awareness. I am not sure of the time. It may be late night or very early morning or probably a liminal "twilight" setting relating to my partial lucidity (where darkness but with a clearer awareness and augmented sense of touch often occur). I am walking on the right side of the road in an unknown location, which seems more like a back road at t

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Bus or Train?

Monday, July 7 2014

        Morning of July 7, 2014. Monday.         I am a passenger on some sort of public transport but I cannot determine if I am on a double-articulated bus or a subway or train. It is possibly a bus, because my reserved or assigned seat is just behind and to the left of the driver and the area is much like the inside of a bus other than the doors not being visible to my knowledge. The driver is a cheerful but overweight black male of about forty. 


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