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Thumb Drive Mishaps

Saturday, April 2 2016

        Morning of April 2, 2016. Saturday.         In the first segment of my dream, I am in an odd distortion of the Loomis Street house though my wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we are now are also present. It actually seems to be linked with features of our old apartment on Gellibrand Street in Clayfield (in Australia). (This has happened before but not with the same distorted layout.) My sister Marilyn is alive and also present. There is something a

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Dark Glossy Body-Paint and a Wayward Backpacker

Monday, October 21 2013

        Night of October 21, 2013. Monday.        There are two sections of my dream that seem directly connected, yet are also highly incongruous from one event to the next - and the level of vividness and awareness changes to near-lucidity. Firstly, there seems to be a large, valuable, mostly green frog statue (part of an old water fountain?) of about half the size of a person and in an upright position. I believe it is near the kitchen entrance on a che


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