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Alley of Dreams

Sunday, April 5 2015

        Morning of April 5, 2015. Sunday.        Most of my dreams of today had various levels of lucidity, but some are too abstract to relate correctly. Being "inside" abstract forms is sometimes very comfortable, other times bland and uncomfortable (almost strenuous, in fact).        I am in a typical unconscious state of being aware of needing to have my body on one side or the other, a certain number of minutes on each si

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The Strange Pill ("Snakeskin")

Lucid Intent
Saturday, June 12 1976

        Morning of June 12, 1976. Saturday.        I am walking on one of the back-roads between town (and where I go to school) and my home in Cubitis. I seem to be walking north on my way home, but the area is more featureless than usual. The weeds on each side of the road are much higher and dense and the road seems less maintained. On my right is a hippie (a couple of years older than me) with lighter hair. He is apparently selling newspapers, which I


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