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Hot Drops

Friday, October 28 2016

        Morning of October 28, 2016. Friday.        I am on the Cubitis carport. It seems to be morning. I am facing north where the ocean or large body of water is featured rather than the side yard and Harold's orange grove. The level of the water comes up to just under the level of the carport floor.        From the north eaves of the cyan and white corrugated carport roof comes a few drops of lava here and there, which are about

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Effeminate man insults me (based on age?)

Lucid Intent
Monday, March 5 2007

        Morning of March 5, 2007. Monday.         This entry has been painstakingly edited back to its original form, date, and full personal detail. The original title was "The Safe House (TV Show?)"         The first part of my dream relates to some sort of fictional so-called reality show (apparently similar to "Big Brother" which I have never watched) called "The Safe House" - where random argumen


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