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Tiny Flying Cylinder with Feathers

Lucid Intent
Thursday, September 29 2016

        Morning of September 29, 2016. Thursday.        This was an unusual dream event concerning some sort of small cylindrical device I find myself with at the stage where I typically "fall" into a vivid dream very shortly upon napping.        I am holding it in my right hand. It is like a silver cigarette (though I am not a smoker) with a cluster of tiny feathers (of blue, white, and brown coloration) on each end. It someh

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Mr. Kite is a Feathered Caterpillar

Friday, April 3 2015

        Morning of April 3, 2015. Friday.        I am in an unfamiliar outdoor area without many features. I am unsure of the implied time period. Apparently, it may be the 1960s, as I see young versions of the Beatles walking around though I do not interact with them. I get a sense of their innovation. I also reflect on how my best friend Toby and I could have seen them in concert in our teenage years if we had made more of an effort, which does not make


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