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A Very Strange Ostrich Event

Sunday, July 17 2016

        Morning of July 17, 2016. Sunday.        I am back in my bedroom in Cubitis (a common induction and transition setting due to it being where I went through the most changes in my life). It seems to be late at night or very early morning.        Strangely enough, an ostrich is in my room. It mainly faces north, directly towards the carport door (which was unused in real life for the most part). It does wander about in mostly a ci

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Three Chicken Phoenix Night

Lucid Intent
Friday, December 20 1985

        Night of December 20, 1985. Friday. (25th birthday.)        The "midnight sun" is out and I do not question this impossibility (probably because "The Midnight Sun Will Never Set" is a song I used to perform fairly often when I was younger). Still, over time, there is a sense of eeriness.        One by one, three Phorusrhacos (looking much like the stop motion one from "Mysterious Island from 1961), a pre


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