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Butterfly Attack

Lucid Intent
Sunday, September 21 2014

        Morning of September 21, 2014. Sunday.        There is supposedly a species of pink butterfly that attacks people. They are very large but not what I would call giant. They are about the size of a crow. Apparently, there are so many of them in certain regions of the world that people are no longer safe when they go outside. It seems that if they are out at night, they are attracted to light and reflective surfaces, thus windows (when the light is o

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Catherine Wheel (precognitive and synchronous associations)

Sunday, November 3 1974

        Morning of November 3, 1974. Sunday.         In my dream, Susan R was sitting outside on a brickwork fence in Arcadia late at night (we were the only ones around) and I was standing and mostly facing her. She told me that something would eventually be happening to take me on a different path - away from her (implying a point of destiny and with a sense of certainty), though our “separation” had already come about in reality month


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