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A Big Fly Crawls From a Small Pipe and Bites Me

Thursday, October 2 2014

        Morning of October 2, 2014. Thursday.        The main situation of this dream involves being bitten by a large fly. I am firstly in our bathroom (implied water induction), checking what has to be done concerning the repairs or replacement of the plumbing pieces due to the hot water not turning off in the shower. (In reality, the spindle had worn down so that the threads were mostly gone and as a result, the handle just rotated without closing the v

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Strange Hauntings in Cubitis (fly ashtray minion)

Sunday, November 2 1975

        Morning of November 2, 1975. Sunday.         This was quite an odd dream. Oh dear (as my mother would say), yes it was.         Firstly, there is some sort of electrical surge in our kitchen, it seems, though there is apparently an additional power surge through all or most outlets in our house. This problem seems to create a sort of "haunting" in the house as well as some sort of "portal" in my


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