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Breaking the Sound Barrier and Unusual “Framed” Distortion

Tuesday, November 29 2016

        Morning of November 29, 2016. Tuesday.        I had been with my wife Zsuzsanna, but we are much younger. It seems to be in Arcadia, mostly only because I see Toby T a couple times and some of the buildings remind me of that town. I fly around at one point. My dream is quite distorted and abstract and only a couple events are discernible enough to describe in words.        At one point, I fly very quickly over an area in town

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The Count's Body

Sunday, October 12 1975

        Morning of October 12, 1975. Sunday.        I am in some sort of movie being filmed or perhaps it is actually only a stage drama (although we do seem to be at a real location), which eventually is (or slowly becomes, or with a "reset"?) a real scenario and a real mystery a few people and I are trying to solve. I mostly work with an unknown female around my age. It takes place mostly within a large fancy mansion, but I only remember being


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