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The Water Project

Monday, October 24 2016

        Morning of October 24, 2016. Monday.        In this dream, my dream self maintains typical subliminal lucidity; that is, I (as my dream self) know I am creating everything with a vague pretense at one level, yet I have no clue I am in the dream state or even any memory of what a dream is (regardless of this dream starting off with the usual semi-lucid water induction).         I am wandering along the banks of the Black Riv

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Flying in another Universe

Saturday, January 3 1998

        Morning of January 3, 1998. Saturday.         In this dream, I somehow go into another universe, which for some reason, is thought to be an antimatter universe (though that is not really feasible due to the supposed properties of antimatter). In this other universe, it seems that China owns or rules much of the world, including most of the United States. At one point, I talk to a five-star general (or whom I assume to be one). I can fly at tim


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