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Three Babies and a Man

Friday, April 14 1995

        Morning of April 14, 1995. Friday.         I had an unusual dream about my wife having three babies. In-dream, whenever a person has a baby, another nearly identical but slightly smaller baby is also born. However, it seems that people never keep the second one as if it is supposedly only an organic "shell" of a person. After my wife has the three babies there are also the three living "shells", each with a bigger "twi

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The Mole Cricket Birth

Lucid Intent
Monday, February 14 1972

        Morning (and afternoon) of February 14, 1972. Monday. Valentine's Day. (Last resupplemented for clarity on Friday, 1 September 2017.)        A stomach virus had rendered me very ill. I had severe stomach pain and my dreams were, as can be imagined, rather unusual.        My main dream involved me being in surgery at an unknown hospital. A bright light overhead sometimes seemed to make my head hurt slightly. Over time, there


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