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Learning about a War in Portugal

Monday, October 3 2016

        Morning of October 3, 2016. Monday.        This was an odd one, too surreal in parts to even write any description of, but I will relate the more discernible events.        I seem to be in Portugal and I notice that the people are dressed somewhat like characters in "Cinderella" might be. There is an unusual religious and colonial essence to the first scenes. Some unknown girls are wearing blue and white gowns. &n

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Cha-ka’s Mother Visits in Our Huge Windy House

Wednesday, October 30 2013

        Morning of October 30, 2013. Wednesday.        In this dream, my family and I are living in a huge house that takes up (north to south) an entire section of the block. It mostly all seems like one very large room in the front, seemingly on the second floor, while the first floor is a huge garage but with a somewhat house-like atmosphere (including the large windows) other than the concrete floor and extending twice as far as the top floor so that


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