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The Three Inferior Decorators

Monday, March 24 2014

        Morning of March 24, 2014. Monday.        My wife and family are living in a large two-storey house which is supposedly in Brisbane, Australia yet looks like a variation of sister Marilyn's house, though a lot bigger. The first part of my dream has a section of near-lucidity as does a section near the ending, but never full lucidity.         I hear a noise outside and look out from the (implied) north side of a room upsta

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Book of Diamonds

Saturday, December 8 2007

        Morning of December 8, 2007. Saturday.        These are two fairly short vivid dreams (not fully lucid, though).         My main dream involved my wife having a large book with sets of diamonds in rows and columns on each page. (I suppose it is somewhat like a coin collector’s album in overall design.) There is a clear sense of happiness. The rows and columns are all perfect, and the diamonds are just the right size so as


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