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Burn Concern

Tuesday, August 4 2015

        Morning of August 4, 2015. Tuesday.        This was typically precognitive during the same time period as my dream, though not as a result of self-fulfilling prophecy as such because I did not mention my dream to anyone at the time (as I tend to keep injury dreams to myself for the most part, though it depends on the nature).        We are living in our older home on Stadcor Street in Brisbane (though as we are now relative to

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Sword and Blood

Monday, May 25 2015

        Morning of May 25, 2015. Monday.        I am not sure of the location or even the immediate setting, though I am living with my wife yet seem to be about twenty years younger. There is a slight essence of Stadcor Street in Brisbane, but it also seems like an apartment building with a hallway (though not reminiscent of the King Street boarding house this time) and it may be on the first floor.         I eventually notice an


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