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Invisible Animals and Faux "Blue Pearl"?

Wednesday, April 2 2014

        Morning of April 2, 2014. Wednesday.        I approach the bed to appreciate the beauty of my sleeping wife and am near the foot of the mattress. Instead of my thoughts continuing logically, I find myself trying to install new faucet handles in the mattress, on the top, near one corner. I am doing this for several minutes before I mentally ask myself what I think I am doing as it makes no sense, and I already had enough of this work just previously

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Invisible Cows?

Thursday, November 15 2007

        Morning of November 15, 2007. Thursday.        This was a rather impersonal and unusual dream where two locations (though evenually with an additional third layer) seemed to somehow occupy the same space at the same time (yet somehow in different proportional orientation relative to total distance walked) and were still visible at the same time in some ways from the same perspective. This has actually been not all that uncommon in my dreams, especi


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