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Man on our Roof with a Cell Phone

Wednesday, March 15 2017

        Morning of March 15, 2017. Wednesday.        I am with my family as we are now in an unknown residence. I notice a boy of whom I first think is our son Lorenzo. Our youngest son is also present but Lorenzo is trying to open a closed and seemingly locked door. He tries the doorknob and sometimes hits and pushes against it. I am aware that this door leads to where a different family lives (even though it seems a part of our unfamiliar house). I can h

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Watching Dinosaurs and Playing Around With My Own Skeleton

Saturday, October 10 2015

        Morning of October 10, 2015. Saturday.         This is a set of three shorter dreams in which one shifted into the other with only partial wakefulness.         The first involves being at an unknown location near a river bank. My wife Zsuzsanna and I are watching alligators swim through the water every now and then, just under the surface. A few other people are walking around. The alligators do not really seem threatening.


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