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No Loitering Please

Sunday, October 2 2016

        Morning of October 2, 2016. Sunday.        I am in our front yard at our present address. Three of my fictional sons and one real one (the youngest; Oliver), are present. They are in a group facing each other. There are also a few unknown kids, both male and female, closer to the curb, though no one is really being annoying.        For some reason, I say to one of my fictional sons "I told you not to stand around at the f

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The Line of Cars - Je veux aller au bout de me fantasmes (?)

Tuesday, September 10 2013

        Morning of September 10, 2013. Tuesday.        Once again, I am back in Cubitis with no clue I am dreaming even though my wife and children are there and I am an adult. It is interesting how the mind (or whatever creative forces are inherent), during sleep, keeps "borrowing" environments from the distant past and presenting them as the present "home" or uses a section and combines it with another section as in this dream. To the


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