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From Yolngu Boy to Yona Boy

Tuesday, August 30 2016

        Morning of August 30, 2016. Tuesday.        This dream starts out where I seem to be watching a movie that features Yothu Yindi music, including the song "Yolngu Boy", but the real movie by that name does not seem to be a part of it. It seems to go on for a long time, but I am not that focused. It does involve tribal aspects rather than mainstream. There are scenes with traditional Aboriginal elders.         Event

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Driving a Cage

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Tuesday, May 24 2016

        Morning of May 24, 2016. Tuesday.        The setting is unfamiliar but seems as if it may be just outside the perimeter of a national park in the United States. There are two characters, both possibly park rangers, one male, one female, both perhaps about thirty years of age. They talk to each other for a very short time and each go on to their apparent duties. They are in beige uniforms. At first, the setting reminds me somewhat of a "M*A*S


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