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1991-1994 The Yin and Yang unraveling revisited

Sunday, November 3 2013

        Afternoon of November 3, 2013. Sunday.         Although the construct of the Key started to "unravel" since birth (actually, I was clearly aware of some things a short time before I was born including the first time I became aware of the Blue Pearl), I still learn more on a regular basis, mostly things that "reveal" things about the majority of people in uncomfortable ways for me, ways I still cannot fully accept. I decided

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A Man Mows Sixes and Nines in my Front Yard in Cubitis

Sunday, February 9 1992

        Morning of February 9, 1992. Sunday.        I had been thinking about the letters that Zsuzsanna (my wife-to-be at the time) and I had written to each other. I am standing in the south side yard of my Cubitis home. It seems to be morning. Looking into the front yard, I see an unknown male (of perhaps about thirty or more) on a ride on mower. He is making sixes and nines in the lawn with his mower. He smiles slyly as if it is part of a secret or m


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