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"Continue what you are doing..."

Friday, February 9 1990

         This was a mysterious dream theme back in 1990, the final version just prior to a year or so before my wife first wrote to me.  In the dream, I am carrying a girl on my shoulder - she is about three or maybe younger - but she is transparent and seemingly made of very soft blue light, yet with sort of a skeletal structure visible past the light/skin.  I somehow "know" she is my daughter.       &n

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Wild Weasel

Wednesday, January 22 1969

        Morning of January 22, 1969.  Wednesday.        A “wild weasel” is running around in the city.  I am with Brenda W (a female classmate) at a large business building (seemingly G. Heileman Brewery in La Crosse even though I am living In Florida here).  We can see him seemingly spin around and beat at the frosted glass part of the door like the Tasmanian devil would do in the cartoon though t


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