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Two ladies above

Lucid Intent

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Sunday, July 20 2014

        Morning of July 20, 2014. Sunday.         I believe this dream was partly influenced from recently seeing that awful movie "Dead and Gone" from 2008. Sped-up or similarly manipulated scenes in movies these days are one of the most annoying blights of modern cinema and I cannot understand why people deliberately ruin movies this way. When did “faster” go from being over-the-top comedic (and completely unrealistic as such) to s

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[ Always finding stuff of a previous tenant or landlord ]

Wednesday, July 10 2013

        Afternoon of July 10, 2013. Wednesday.        Probably the most common (or one of the most common) recurring dream plots ever as an older adult has come in numerous forms ever since I was an older teenager. It involves “suddenly” finding stuff that has “always” been in the house but which I (or “we” now that I have been happily married for twenty years or so) have somehow never noticed before for some reason. I


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