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Postcards and One Hundred Dollar General’s Signature

Saturday, October 29 2016

        Morning of October 29, 2016. Saturday.        I am at a flea market in an unknown location. It seems the items I am selling are spread out on a large table and mixed with items that other people are selling. Still, I am easily able to tell what I apparently have for sale. It seems to be late morning.        An unfamiliar man approaches the table on my left, near the narrower end, and is interested in some oversized postcards I h

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Expensive Bread

Friday, November 29 1996

        Morning of November 29, 1996. Friday.         In my dream, I am in a (unknown) grocery store and see two loaves of bread on special. Zsuzsanna apparently picks them up thinking that they are of a reasonable cheaper price. However, the price turns out to be one hundred dollars for the two loaves. From here, I mostly only end up shouting at and arguing with the people running the store (cashier and manager). It may be that the bread is a


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