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Black Panther, White Panther, Floppy Sword

Lucid Intent

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Thursday, March 27 1997

        Morning of March 27, 1997. Thursday.         I enter a state on the "perimeter" (or outer band) of apex lucidity but I do not hold out as long as in certain other dreams.         A black panther as well as a white panther is present just outside our home. This represents the definition of (Yin Yang) balance in apex lucidity (the hybrid of consciousness and the preconscious), and larger wild cats are both liminal

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Making Patterns in the Sky During the “End of the World”

Wednesday, January 29 1997

        Morning of January 29, 1997. Wednesday.        My dream relates to standing on a cliff and somehow (assuming powerful telekinesis) making patterns in the sky. However, it also seems that I am a prisoner and have a guard on each side of me. It relates to a seeming "end-of-the-world" concept (which may mot “really” be the case) promoted by authority. Another supposed prisoner is the "Spinner". He just kicks his legs in


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