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The Last Two Dream Journalists on Earth

Sunday, December 20 2015

        Morning of December 20, 2015. Sunday.        In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar region, possibly somewhere in America. By the semi-familiar orientation of our present home, I mostly sit and face south in an unknown and seemingly unpopulated building that is somewhat like a school, though vaguely reminiscent of a work area I used to maintain when I worked in maintenance for the Western Wisconsin Technical Institute for the automotive servicing class

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The Book that Changes into Clothes

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Wednesday, March 26 1997

        Morning of March 26, 1997. Wednesday.         I have a special hardcover book that seemingly has metal in the binding and parts of the cover in somewhat of a sparse lattice-like arrangement, I think (though which is mostly under the synthetic leather binding). It is similar to those of the collection that I had in America that were fancy copies of original printings from the 1800s mostly, which included "The Complete Tales of Wash


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