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Strawberry Pies and Flying

Thursday, May 12 2016

        Morning of May 12, 2016. Thursday.         After a nice beautiful excursion into apex lucidity and augmented sensuality I atypically shift into a lower dream state where I am no longer actively lucid (though it still remains at a vivid level until I go past the "bridge", which represents a consciousness shift). Normally, I go through the waking transition while still lucid (typically by choice - that is, I decide at what point I will w

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Big Pie

Wednesday, February 3 2016

        Morning of February 3, 2016. Wednesday.        The only event that occurs here is that I find a giant pie between some papers of mine which had been related to a mix of dream work and educational task sheets. Of course, this is ridiculous as the pie is nearly a quarter the size of the room (and certainly not flat either), so it is probably more as if it just appeared and suddenly changed with an impression of having attained it from the pile of A4


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