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[ some notes on recurring cardboard box in school dreams ]

Friday, June 21 2013

        A major recurring theme in my early teenage years was of being in school but also being hidden inside a large cardboard box (I was not a shy person in real life, though, but in my dreams these were grades that were still a few years off yet, such as grades nine or ten in the high school). Sometimes the box had a small rectangular window (perhaps inspired by the “Don’t Open Till Doomsday” episode of “The Outer Limits” I saw at a very early

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There he goes... (prank on math teacher)

Sunday, February 16 1975

        Morning of February 16, 1975. Sunday.        This dream mostly involves a prank on a math teacher. In real life, this teacher would continuously roll around in his desk chair from his desk to the far side of the chalkboard and back again. He was an older, shorter man with white hair, slightly chubby, and with thick glasses.        In my dream he seems even more talkative than usual and is waving his arms around asking riddles in


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