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Flight Obstacles

Tuesday, December 13 2016

        Morning of December 13, 2016. Tuesday.        I am walking on the south side of La Crosse but I soon take to the air to fly north, without thinking about it as is usually the case. I have a false awareness that my sister Marilyn and other relatives are still alive. Eventually I come to consider that they are not but my present life status does not fully come to mind.        I end up absentmindedly flying into a large building. T

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Punching Rhino Man

Lucid Intent
Sunday, August 28 2016

        Morning of August 28, 2016. Sunday.        I am walking about in a mostly holographic (unrendered in the sense of not being physically present to me) meadow environment, though there are a lot of thistles about neck-high. There are also beautiful tall flowers. I watch the emergence of an anthropomorphic prehistoric rhinoceros, vaguely similar to the unrealistic ones from "At the Earth's Core", though about a foot shorter than me. 


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