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The Cage of Ancient Secrets

Friday, September 13 2013

        Morning of September 13, 2013. Friday. (Wife's birthday.)        I am much younger, perhaps twenty, living in an unfamiliar building. It may be that I share the building and have my own smaller apartment but it does seem like my own home. My main bedroom seems to be to the west of the main area (or largest rooms) of the building. To the north is a larger window, and near it, a desk upon which sits an electronic keyboard. My bed is to the left o

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Soul’s Union of the Quetzal and the Silver Sebright Bantam

Lucid Intent
Sunday, March 30 1986

        Morning of March 30, 1986.  Sunday.  Easter.        This dream has very strong imagery and is of the highest importance to me.  This is actually two dreams, with the more vivid one I will detail first that actually seemed to literally interrupt the other dream (which has only happened a few times more clearly in my life), like suddenly changing the station on a radio, so to speak.  (Hypnagogia has a


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