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Moving Trapdoors

Tuesday, June 21 2016

        Morning of June 21, 2016. Tuesday.        I think I may be in the old playground in Arcadia, though it is mostly featureless except for at least one tree (on the west side). I seem to have a task where I need to gather up trapdoors from several places. (I vaguely sense one other person in the background other than me but I do not directly see him at any time.) By picking up each trapdoor I am also somehow removing the deep hole that they lead to,

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"Speak to the landlady"

Saturday, February 22 2014

        Morning of February 22, 2014.  Saturday.         This is a more positive variant on the recurring King Street dreams (which I have had off and on for over twenty years) where I often owe a lot of back rent and am wandering about at different times through a former or present room.  There have been many variations.         I end up looking around in the south-most a


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