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Diatryma Again (Pet Prehistoric Birds)

Monday, July 21 2014

        Morning of July 21, 2014. Monday.         One of the last dreams about diatryma (a slightly emu-like prehistoric bird) was from 2007. I believe a possible influence was from early childhood from seeing "Mysterious Island" (1961 version) several times, although the ones in my dreams are usually not much taller than me. A bird that cannot fly sometimes triggers the waking mechanism as dreams are “flight” and this bird represent

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Hot Water Tank Nymph and Spider Sacrifice

Lucid Intent
Monday, November 25 2013

        Morning of November 25, 2013. Monday.         This is a rather over-the-top silly set of dream elements. It is semi-lucid in parts, but not all.         In real life, our hot water tank had stopped working nearly two weeks ago, but due to the warm weather, it presently is not a big issue for other than doing the dishes and spraying boiling water onto my skin in certain places to soothe it. Last year, a similar


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