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Gilligan’s Island Rescue Dream (precognitive “marker”)

Tuesday, October 14 1975

        Morning of October 14, 1975. Tuesday.         In the first part of my dream, I am physically within the setting, fully in-body. I am with the castaways from "Gilligan's Island" (the television series). I do not fully recognize the actors and scenario as from a television show and am contemplating it is a "real" situation. Still, the setting is a very small featureless island of sand only, so small as to be more like a sandb

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The Island

Sunday, May 12 1974

        Morning of May 12, 1974. Sunday.         I am with several other classmates, including Steve J, Sandra R, Roosevelt I, and Steve W (and a couple others I am not clear about). We are on a boat on some sort of field trip I think but end up getting shipwrecked on a deserted island, supposedly far from civilization. However, we apparently have enough food to survive for awhile including some commercial vending machines that were on the boat. We do lea


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