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Funny Shoes

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, April 30 2014

        Morning of April 30, 2014. Wednesday.        In real life, I have a hole in my right shoe, about the size of an American quarter and sometimes flaking a bit from the inside to the bottom. As I actually use shoes to walk in, as with most products in modern times, I am lucky if they last a few months, or even a few weeks (or days if made in China) without such a problem.        In my dream, I "logically" consider an oppo

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Chaotic Timeline Tree?

Tuesday, April 2 2002

        Morning of April 2, 2002. Tuesday.         It is rare for me to dream of Rose Street in Wisconsin anymore (a place I have not lived since 1967 prior to moving back to Florida - and the apartment building I lived in no longer exists) and even rarer for my dream self to integrate my family (my wife Zsuzsanna and children as they are now) into the setting (and they have never been to America), although on some levels, it is also a distorted composite


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