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The Haunted Lake

Lucid Intent
Saturday, November 15 1975

        Morning of November 15, 1975. Saturday.        In my dream, there is a small lake near an isolated cabin or as part of some sort of special tourist resort. At times, it is somewhat like a ski resort on the side of a high hill, even though it does not seem to be winter or with any snow around. When I am by myself each time, I see a plesiosaurus swimming about in the lake, watching this from a second-floor window from the south. It is not there when

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Not Reptilicus...

Friday, November 9 1973

        Night of November 9, 1973. Friday.        I first seem to be at a fancy ski resort for wealthy people, perhaps mainly celebrities, yet also watching a movie at one point. There is a sense of nostalgia regardless of my young age. A man skis up very close to the camera. It almost seems like a travel agency commercial or some sort of documentary at first. I switch locations a few times, from being at the scene to being in the living room of my Cubitis


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