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The Twin Flame Seekers and the Thick Plot

Tuesday, June 3 2014

        Through dreaming and meticulous research and focus and completely ignoring what publications and other people claimed about dreams, I believe I reached a stage of completion and resolution that is simply impossible to put into words.  It is almost like someone casually talking about the local weather and getting the temperature wrong while someone else is studying the entire universe and uncovers the source patterns of it.  However, the cont

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Tornado! (Solved)

Lucid Intent
Sunday, September 13 1970

        Morning of September 13, 1970. Sunday.         This is one of my longer, more vivid childhood dreams that had a very intriguing ending and is one I had studied numerous times (out of thousands of others from the 1968 to 1978 Cubitis period) and I am harmonizing my online version as being inclusive of what I actually know (something I often do not do for reasons of entries being “too long” as it is).         A


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