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Making a Dream (lucid), and the Crazy Piracy Brigade

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Sunday, August 4 2013

        Morning of August 4, 2013. Sunday.        This most recent dream was fairly long but mostly only involved flying and creating things from thoughts prior to the last part inside an unknown building (but reminding me a little of my old middle school building - northeast section). There were a few unusual things that were somewhat different from past dreams of this nature. Some things that were different were my affirmations within my dream being much

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Water in the Sink with Whalesong

Friday, February 22 2013

        Morning of February 22, 2013.  Friday.         I am at a sink with someone much younger than I (not sure who) on the right side of the room and it seems to be the kitchen sink (though may be the sink in the laundry room), but it is about twice the volume as the one in real life.  I am in an extremely vivid state (but not seeing it as a dream).         The sink is ful


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