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Laser Rifle and Hidden Temples

Lucid Intent

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Monday, June 23 2014

        Morning of June 23, 2014. Monday.        This was a very long dream. Much of the first part takes place at distorted composite locations, although one location is much like a slightly bigger and slightly different version of my sister Marilyn’s house. I am with my wife and Marilyn is around, alive, and at a younger age (about forty, I think). There is a scene involving cassette tapes and some sort of idea of dubbing or recording over them w

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Minor events on another planet

Thursday, October 17 2013

        Morning of October 17, 2013.  Thursday.        This was a new, rather sparse and non-eventful dream with little emotion.  It seems to be on a distant planet which had recently changed governments, somewhat like part of a “hand-me-down” tradition.  There is one scene in a large room where I watch others carving small statues that are all the same basic design.  The design is much like the

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Layer Upon Layer (recurring)

Thursday, May 23 2013

        Morning of May 23, 2013. Thursday.         Our house is much bigger in my dream, but is very similar other than not being up on columns. I find myself lifting up some areas of the floor. At first it is areas with older linoleum. (I have not lived in a house with lino for a number of years.) Later, I remove some tiles from somewhere. (I have not lived in a house with tiles since way back in Florida during my childhood and early teenage years.)


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