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Stick Insect Forest

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Wednesday, April 30 2014

        Night of April 30, 2014.  Wednesday.           Before it goes off into another (private) scenario, I am seemingly in the distant future in-dream, yet somehow my wife is much younger, or at least this “version” with long hair (down to her waist) and wearing two thin white pieces of cloth (top and bottom) that are apparently the fashion of this time period, as well as long white stockings. &nbs

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Helping a Little Old Stick Insect Lady Cross the Street

Saturday, April 1 1972

        Morning of April 1, 1972. Saturday.        I am helping a "little old lady" across the street in the main part of Arcadia. She is wearing a head scarf and seems friendly at first. However, her arm breaks off and I see that it first seems like a twig from a tree, though is actually implied to be an oversized insect arm (from a praying mantis or stick insect), though I had briefly first thought I grabbed her walking cane by mistake. I look


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