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Jim Visits and Flies With Me

Tuesday, March 18 1997

        Morning of March 18, 1997. Tuesday.        My brother Jim (half-brother on my mother's side) is visiting Zsuzsanna and I in Australia. At one point, Jim flies slowly into the air at the same time I do, in a standing position and while he is holding a suitcase (which may contain a laptop computer). It seems a very natural thing to do.        Flying (in a non-lucid dream) mainly represents the subliminal awareness of the wakin

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"Among the Living"

Friday, August 15 1975

        Morning of August 15, 1975. Friday. (Oldest daughter's birthday - but 1998.)         An unknown (to me) businessman supposedly carries the soul of his daughter (who had died?) in a small suitcase. It is a story called "Among the Living", which I guess is perhaps a made-for-television movie. It has some sort of weird plot that relates to his state of mourning, it seems, and seems to relate that her soul was somehow in the


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