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New Practice and Lost Time

Lucid Intent

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Thursday, April 23 2015

        Morning of April 23, 2015. Thursday.        Yet again, my dreaming mind "erases" over twenty years of enriching experiences in preference to going back to Loomis Street and my later youth. However, my dream did incorrectly integrate several aspects of recent events. Instead of my older sister dying recently in real life - and she did not even die while living at Loomis Street in the first place (more dream error), the time period seems to

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Some Sort of Wacky Project

Tuesday, May 6 2014

        Morning of May 6, 2014. Tuesday.         This dream did not make much sense and involved working with an unknown girl to help with a school project of a simpler nature. It is possible I am a classmate. (As with a lot of my dreams, there is no sense of age; at best, I seem much younger, or "ageless".)         I am not even exactly sure what the project is supposed to be, or whether or not it is meant to be a bui


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