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Head Over Heals and Water Tigers

Wednesday, September 8 1976

        Morning of September 8, 1976. Wednesday.        I have not been in school yet in real life because of having been operated on regarding the odd multiple cysts on my right hand. This newspaper page with the entry was after my dream on the same day; relative to precognition or the very common somewhat trivial precognitive synchronicity - or whatever it is - but I have lived with it day to day since earliest memory. I also have just made a note after

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"The Plan" (Tigers Taking Over One Day?)

Saturday, September 6 1969

       Morning of September 6, 1969.  Saturday.        I am floating through the jungle in my “orb” form but still seem fully in-dream regarding dimensionality and perspective even though much of the scenery reminds me of more detailed paintings from certain animated movies.        I move into a clearing and seem to be with a body at this point, but still hovering somewhat.  I


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