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Ready to Smoke on the Porch

Saturday, March 4 2017

        Morning of March 4, 2017. Saturday.        I am on the Loomis Street porch and there are soon a number of unfamiliar people, most of whom are closer to the porch door. We are on the north end of the porch. There is a point at which one of the others talks about smoking. There are a few different types of plants in small transparent plastic bags and I am not certain if some are meant to contain marijuana or tobacco but I assume they may have marijua

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Tobacco-Filled Hooter

Sunday, January 24 2016

        Morning of January 24, 2016. Sunday.        My youngest son has my Hohner melodica, but there seems to be difficulty in playing it. I remember that it has to be cleaned (and drained) every so often, so first I take off the mouthpiece and discover that the entire instrument has filled up with chewing tobacco for some unknown reason (almost as if it came out of nowhere). I put my finger in the mouthpiece opening and see that it is almost solid with t


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