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Beautiful Induction

Lucid Intent
Sunday, June 5 2016

        Morning of June 5, 2016. Sunday.        I enter one of my most common dream induction states, which is the presence of rising (and sometimes lowering) water and ripples on the surface of a pond. Still, eventually, a full moon induction occurs for a short time, which extends the length of an otherwise shorter sequence. I move in and out of this band of consciousness and as such, I notice the water either rising or lowering with the level of my att

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Loretta Lynn’s Capture by King Kong

Tuesday, December 16 1980

        Morning of December 16, 1980. Tuesday.         I am in a King Kong scenario, though it is mostly rural. Loretta Lynn is actually the one who is otherwise Fay Wray. There is no realization of this error within the dream state. Loretta lives in a rectangular Zambian mud hut. I absentmindedly follow some recent tracks of his, though this seems more like wanting to maintain a distance behind wherever King King may be at any given time rath


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